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Zenith Electronics, LLC is an American research and development company that develops ATSC and digital rights management technologies. It is owned by the South Korean company LG Electronics. Zenith was previously an American brand of consumer electronics, a manufacturer of radio and television receivers and other consumer electronics, and was headquartered in Glenview, Illinois. After a series of layoffs, the consolidated headquarters moved to Lincolnshire, Illinois. For many years, their famous slogan was "The quality goes in before the name goes on". LG Electronics acquired a controlling share of Zenith in 1995; Zenith became a wholly owned subsidiary in 1999. Zenith was the inventor of subscription television and the modern remote control, and the first to develop High-definition television in North America.

A former employee said this in a review "Company is no longer in business. It WAS a good starter job. But run very poorly from the top when I was working there. A once great company is affected by poor top management decisions. Zero constructive feedback. Save your time and don't work at Zenith."


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Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Poor work life balance and long hours"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This place is a hell hole. The "new" Santa Monica office is a dump - be prepared to walk half a mile from a faraway parking garage multiple times a day. Open floorplan and DIRTY. As for Zenith itself, it has really fallen from grace. When I started there were big name clients and the work was abundant. Now it's scraps and LA looks like the redheaded stepchild compared to NY. Very cutthroat employee culture (if you can call it culture), with minimal benefits. Management loves to promise things and then you never hear about them ever again. This is the least professional place I have ever worked. There is so much confusion about our role in relation to sister agencies that nothing makes any sense. HR is also a complete joke, so limit your interactions as much as possible, as they are primed for lawsuits with how they handle things."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything; management is absolutely the worst I have ever been around. Management micromanages and doesn’t trust their team or just barely isn’t involved if they are on the director level. I’ve never been treated worse and less by people I work for."

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"Horrible work/life balance Underpaid & Overworked Challenging clients who are not managed by upper management due to fear No support from management for growth The way the company works with merits/promotions is terrible.. just terrible No fun activities like there normally are with agencies Upper management does not allow team to go out with vendors/there is no time for it Relationships with vendors are ruined due to client asks and turn arounds Building is ugly and bathrooms are old and creaky and gray like a jail cell"

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"No work life balance. 90% of the leadership above an Associate Director role does not contribute to client management and let inexperienced employees run major accounts into the ground. Top heavy accounts where more entry-level roles are needed for campaign management. Extremely understaffed and underpaid. In hindsight, not worth staying longer than a year or two."

Former Employee - Associate Director says

"I wouldn't wish this work environment on my worst enemy - understaffed - absent and clueless management/leadership"

Current Employee - Assistant Media Planner says

"Terrible culture. Limited opportunity to move up. Do not give entry level employees laptops"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Accepting a job offer on the Verizon account would be the equivalent of stepping on a landmine. Communication is horrendous, processes are nonexistent, and everything is totally disorganized. Management is not supportive at all yet is quick to point fingers when something goes wrong. It's very clear that in many cases, promotions are more of a popularity contest instead of a reward for hard work. It's also quite alarming that the ones who throw tantrums are the ones who are taken care of the most instead of being written up for unprofessional behavior."

Current Employee - Senior Campaign Manager says

"Very much depends on the team and management you're on. Most teams are wonderful - synergistic and positive. I saw that first hand. Unfortunately, I was under management that was not supportive and uninspiring. I would go so far as to say it was a toxic environment. My team’s direct supervision and upper Managment never acknowledged hard work and accomplishments. Never had occasional team outings. Simply uninterested in the moral or well-being of employees on my team. Interactions left you feel negative. From direct supervision, I’ve experienced constant undermining cutting down in emails and an effort to actively try to make me feel vulnerable in meetings when asking questions or having conversations. Proof is that our team shrunk from 12+ to literally 3. Mass exodus. If you do get an interview with a team, be keen on identifying possible red flags with your interviewers - personality, responses, body language etc... It's hard because it's 1 interaction but try your best. I don't mean to be negative here however my experience compels me to help other prospective candidates. Life is too short to work with those kinds of people."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst agency to work with, people have no experience and a terrible attitude. Very unprofessional. A lot of kids playing to be advertiser executives."

Facchino (Former Employee) says

"Spero di dimenticare presto la mia esperienza in zenithNoTroppe poche parole x scriverle tutte"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No base salary which is not disclosed at interview Training was long winded and the opportunity for someone to help you when going to houses initially is low!NoneToo many to list"

Accounts Receivable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Very poor management. Act like they believe in God and are very dishonest. Dont work for this company. There training is useless. And they pay by colorA paycheckStress"

HGV Driver class 1 (Former Employee) says

"No respect For the angajați, overtime is not paid. No benefits .... ...... . ..... ..... 20 holy days"

Tracking Administrator (Former Employee) says

"If you are any form of minority then expect an affirmative action hire! and don't worry the staff will remind you everyday that you wouldn't have been hired this time last year. Management rude, aggressive and set high expectations with zero reward"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"c'était que informatique et une journée de travail typique"

recruitment officer (Former Employee) says

"Zenith had me out in the cold asking people if they wanted jobs. Seems simple enough, except Zenith refused to give me, or anyone, the job they said they were giving us, and they made the bottom limit for achieving the commission they promised unachievable. I worked there for 2 weeks before realising they had no intention of paying anyone, they simply planned on hiring a succession of people that they would fool into believing they would one day get paid until they quit and zenith no longer have to pay them but they still manage to get work out of them before that time.they are all liars"

Canvasser (Former Employee) says

"I didn't enjoy working with Zenith at all. the team leaders where very snappy and rude. I didn't enjoy trying to waste peoples time by hassling them to join Zenith.."

recruitment consultant (Former Employee) says

"I am no longer woking for this compony because it was a con, worked all week for 8 pound."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Most enjoyable part of the job was building up customer relations."

Door Canvasser (Former Employee) says

"Of course you would expect bad pay with a commission only job unless you're really good but they never pay you on time, it's rare that you get any leads and if you're lucky enough to, it's rare you'll be paid properly. The management are okay, you can have a laugh with them but some of them are very angry most the time. The hours are ridiculous."

Door Canvasser (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Zenith last summer in Bedford for 2 months. PROS: Was a good job for socialising as your spending lots of time with fellow collegues. Management were very funny and always light hearted. And thats about it. CONS: When I first came to the job introduction I was impressed by the pay and the benefits of this job role and it looked like something I might make lot of money from. However when I first started to work there I completely was proven wrong. No matter how good you were as a canvasser it was very frustrating that you hardly got any payment. It took me until the 4th week to actually get my first appointment as all my other appointments had been cancelled. 5 I think. I was also promised basic pay whenever I did not earn any money each week. I never recieved any of it. Also I had to pay over £7 to get the bus in each day and it was so frustrating that I was working very hard each day and was not rewarded with any basic pay. I suprisingly stayed in this position for 2 months and I earned £140, yes £140 in 2 months. Dont waste your time. No matter how good you are as a Canvasser, which if im honest Im not that great but I put in lots of effort. They are not rewarding and take you for a ride.Good social lifeMostly everything."

Door to Door Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked for an advertising and marketing company during the school semester. I joined to have a job where it was flexible with my school schedule, as it had been in the past with other fundraising campaigns I've worked on. They worked with a company I had worked with in my 1st semester, I figured it was the same group because I couldn't remember the name of the previous one 5 years ago. When I arrived, the interviewer was 10 minutes late, I literally sat there wondering whats going on, if she got hurt or something. Anyway, she finally arrived, brought me into a large office with only a small desk space (it looked very weird) beside that was a room with all the supplies needed for the job. It had a weird vibe for sure, I just played it off though because I knew it was expensive for really nice office space in Calgary and advertising companies don't choose to work downtown based on their after 4:00 pm hours - where most of the downtown is locked down after that time. I've worked for 4 or 5 different agencies over university, I've managed a team at one and I was promised a team here as well - with hard work and a car of course. I was to start the next day. WooHoo! What I found was that they had a requirement for PT hours I couldnt be flexible it was always 4-9:30. Upon arriving I get myself a badge, bag of client gift books and portable interact machine and a coat, then I would (sit and) wait for the entire team to arrive... We'd be put into cars, driven 30+ minutes to do door-to-door advertising in rush hour, remember, they have a timeline so they're not driving veryBeing outside, fundraising, nothing else.Bad weather work is mandatory, not driving your own car and always returning to the office at the end of the night, questionable management, too much to list."

Recruitment Manager (Former Employee) says

"it was unpleasant and stressful, there was a lot of tasks which I got no reward or pay for doing as most of the things I was doing weren't assigned to me in the beginning and were introduced to me later.Good payStressful and unplanned"

Manufacturing Engineer and Operation Manager (Former Employee) says

"Too many changes in ownership Not job security nor stability Poor management People in position of responsibility with poor qualifications and unable to make good sound decisions At times coming across as racist from top management to the HR manager"

Recruiting (Former Employee) says

"Rubbish managment, pervy employees and managment. Worst experience ever. Would not suggest working here at all. Staff doing drug during work hours.break lengthsunstable hours, unprofessional, made to feel uncomfortable"

cold caller/ telesales (Former Employee) says

"not good at paying on time or good management, my co- workers didn't take the job seriously where I just wanted to work.free breakfast on saturdaylong hours"

sales executive (Former Employee) says

"I worked for zenith in the south for 6 months and it was a great place of work if you get the right people to work with, great way to travel all over the county, but they always paid me less and I never got my deposit back when I left.FlexiblePoor management, barely any appointments, late pay days, no responses from head office"

Kids Specialist & Babysitter (Former Employee) says

"horrible staff and company wasn't anything like orientation it's not organized properly for the kids and the staff has to come up and find things of their own"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Assemble computers.How to assemble computer, and fix computers.Paid a lot of attention to details.Were well in groups, or as a team.Loading and unloading the assembly lines.Working with my co-workers.the work environment.the pay, and they closed."

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